Guide to Heat Load

Download the guide to understanding heat load.

What is "Heat Load"?

Heat load refers to the amount of heat energy to be removed from a space in order to achieve the desired temperature within the space. There are three types of heat load you should consider when calculating the total heat load in an application:

  1.  External heat load
  2.  Solar load/design
  3.  Internal heat load

Understanding heat load guide

In our eBook, Understanding Heat Load, we'll explain:

  • How to calculate external heat load
  • How to calculate solar heat load
  • How to calculate internal heat load
  • How to use the results of your heat load calculations to properly size and select a cooling system

Download the guide to learn how to accurately measure the impact of all heat sources on your application and how to properly estimate what size thermoelectric cooling solution you will need to thermally manage them.

Understand how heat load works.

If you already know your specific cooling requirements, fill out our Air Conditioner Sizing Request Form and our engineers can work with you to determine the proper size (BTU cooling) and type of air conditioner best suited for your application.

Download the eBook

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