Frequently Asked Questions


I have a tight deadline. How long will it take to receive my order?

Lead times can vary based on size and availability.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date information to discuss your needs and project timelines.


What information do you need to prepare a quote?

When you submit your request we'll ask you to give us your contact info so we can reply to your request, and then the details about how you'd like your product configured including voltage, any optional accessories, and the quantity of units you need.


What is your warranty?

Our warranty is available here.



Are your products certified (UL, CE, etc.)?

Yes, some units have been tested and certified to UL/CSA standards and many units carry the CE mark.



I want to view the pricing of products. Where can I go to get this information?

On each product page you have the option to either view pricing or request a quote. We recommend registering to view prices. Once you are registered, you will have access to pricing and available discounts on a wide range of enclosures and cooling products.

What are the advantages of EIC’s TE coolers vs. compressor based A/C?

Thermoelectric air conditioners are extremely reliable, with no moving parts except fans, no filters to change, no Freon or copper tubing, have multiple mounting orientation options and no regular maintenance. Learn even more in our  Thermoelectric Air Conditioning Guide.

Are any of EIC’s ThermoTEC coolers approved for use in explosive environments?

Our Class 1 Div 2 thermoelectric air conditioners are designed and certified to UL and IEC Standards for use in Hazardous Areas.


Can EIC’s ThermoTEC coolers heat as well as cool?

Yes. Every series of our thermoelectric air conditioners offer heating and cooling versions, as well as cooling only models.


Can I order EIC’s ThermoTEC coolers in different voltages?

Yes. EIC’s ThermoTEC thermoelectric coolers are available in a wide range of voltages including 120VAC, 240VAC, 24/28VDC, and 48VDC as well as AC and AC/DC auto-ranging models.



Are EIC’s products designed to withstand harsh environments?

All of our ThermoTEC coolers are designed for outdoor use and are rated for wash-down (NEMA 4X).

Our compressor-based enclosure air-conditioners, air-conditioned electronic/electrical enclosures and air-conditioned transit cases are the ideal solution for housing and cooling electronics – both stationary and mobile – in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Do you have datasheets, drawings, CAD, and manuals?

Yes. All of our drawings are available for download. We have 3D (STEP), 2D Cad (DWG), and 2D (PDF) dimension drawings for our complete product line including air conditioners, heat exchangers, filter fans, air conditioned enclosures, air conditioned transit cases, and optional equipment. EIC has installation and operation manuals for our full range of thermoelectric coolers.  We also have product data sheets available for download.


No one’s been able to solve my unique problem before. Do you offer custom solutions?

Yes. Our engineering team has extensive experience providing custom solutions with relatively short lead times and exceptional pricing. EIC has flexible production capabilities that allow us to provide standard and custom solutions for orders ranging from a single piece up to large-scale production rollouts.


My application requires precise temperature control. Can you maintain temperatures in a tight range?

EIC’s thermoelectric coolers come with an adjustable thermostat to control the cooling cycle. The heating cooling units come with a secondary fixed-point thermostat that engages the heating function at approx. 45F and shuts it off at approx. 55F. If precise control is required these thermostats can be replaced with a digital temperature controller. Our DTC-R controller is able to maintain the temperature within your enclosure within +/-1F of a set point

(Note: requires a heating and cooling thermoelectric unit that is appropriately sized for the application).

Can EIC’s ThermoTEC coolers be painted to match my enclosure?

We offer a wide range of standard colors. Custom paint and powder coating, as well as color match, are not a problem. Please contact us with your specific color and finish needs for a quote.


Can EIC’s ThermoTEC coolers be used in shipboard applications, salt spray, or corrosive factory environments?

All of EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners are designed to resist corrosion. All standard units are built from either Type 304 stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum. If additional levels of protection are needed, units can be fabricated from type 316 SS and all aluminum parts can be epoxy coated.






What are your payment terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions are available here.


Do you have engineers on staff?

EIC Solutions’ sales team works closely with our engineers to ensure your product can truly fit your project and business needs.



Will you come on-site to help with installations?

We do not offer installation services, but we do provide detailed installation and operation manuals for our full range of thermoelectric coolers.


What credit terms does EIC Solutions offer?

We offer net 30 terms to approved accounts. Our application for terms is available here. We also accept payment via credit card, wire transfers and check in advance of shipment.




Do you ship globally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. All items shipping within the US or to Canada are FOB Warminster, PA USA. Items shipping outside of the US or Canada are Ex Works. For items shipped outside of the US and Canada, air shipments will be via UPS, DHL, FedEx or other and send “freight collect”.

Complete details in our terms and conditions.

Can I contact EIC about my project needs?

Absolutely! EIC’s experienced and knowledgeable sales engineers can work with you to address your cooling needs. Please contact us online, by phone: 215-443-5190 or email.




What is your return/refund policy?

Returns and exchanges are not accepted for any custom or modified goods. Returns or exchanges may be accepted for standard, non-modified items. No goods are to be returned to EIC without prior approval and without first receiving an RMA number which is to be written on the outside of all packages. No refunds will be given for shipping costs.

Complete details in our terms and conditions.


Do you have experience in my industry?

EIC Solutions serves multiple industries, such as infrastructure, industrial, security & surveillance, military & defense, oil & gas, food processing & packaging, amusement & theme parks, and sports & entertainment venues. You can learn more about the different markets we serve here.

I've ordered from you before and I need to buy another unit. Where do I start?

To get started, contact us directly.


Does EIC Solutions have distributors?

While some customers purchase from us and resell our products, we do not use distributor networks. We prefer to sell direct so we can offer the best customer service. Contact us  and let us know how we our dependable maintenance-free thermoelectric cooling units can help you thermally manage your equipment.

Do you offer volume/repeat order discounts?

Yes. EIC offers quantity discounts on orders of five or more units.

How has EIC helped some of their customers?

See for yourself, check out these testimonials.


Does EIC Solutions offer re-seller or OEM pricing?

All of our discounts are based on quantity. Discounts are offered when you purchase five or more units.


What is Thermoelectric Cooling?

Great question, check out our guide to thermoelectric cooling to learn about the benefits, sizing considerations, applications, markets, and use cases of this alternative to traditional cooling methods. Learn how thermoelectric cooling can transform your next project.


How much cooling do I need?

If you do not know how much cooling is needed for your particular application, please complete and return our air conditioner sizing guide, and a sales engineer will be in touch with you to discuss your project.


What is a Heat Exchanger and how does it work?

Check out our overview to learn what a heat exchanger is, how it works, when you need one, and how to pick the right product for your application.


How does thermoelectric cooling work?

Please see our detailed explanation on the Peltier Principle.


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