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Illuminating Emergency Lighting with Custom Electronic Equipment Enclosure

EIC Solutions Helps Keep the Lights On for Critical Emergency Electronic Equipment in Harsh Environments
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In moments of crisis, power failures, and unforeseen events, emergency safety lighting provides essential illumination, guiding individuals to safety and enabling critical operations to continue.

So, when your customer's application is in the Southwest United States how do you ensure your emergency lighting and power supplies are protected from heat and resilient enough to endure without ongoing maintenance? 

As Go2Power and partner company Evenlite found, even if you’re in the middle of rough, remote terrain and faced with extreme heat and sandy conditions, you can depend on EIC Solutions to keep your emergency systems safe and functional.

Requirements At a Glance


104+ Degrees

Go2Power's application in the Southwest US required a solution able to withstand a heat index of 104°F and require minimal maintenance.


Provide a platform that could be configured to accommodate Go2Power's payload which included sealed batteries used as a backup power source for emergency lighting.


Dependable Uptime

Protect and cool the enclosed inverters to provide maintenance-free and reliable operation of emergency lights for a minimum of six hours.

The Challenge

When Go2Power faced developing a lighting system that could withstand extreme conditions of desert-like heat in the southern United States, they reached out to EIC Solutions to help with an enclosure and cooling system that would protect critical safety lighting.  

The need for dependable, customizable solutions was obvious and the lighting system was paramount to ensuring protection and safety in remote locations. So, EIC engineered a highly customized solution that ensured the durability and lifespan of the lighting system.


“We needed an air conditioner and enclosure that were very, very durable - durable enough to withstand the harshest, driest of environments. EIC is not only a local, US-based company, but also went above and beyond to work with our team on customizations that met our exact standards and specifications."

Guy Teipel, Go2Power 



Thermotec 800 BTU AC

EIC’s experience with projects that require flexible design and minimal maintenance despite harsh remote environments made this partnership a great fit.  

The application of the system for outdoor emergency lighting meant the enclosure and air conditioner needed to meet specific requirements, including NEMA 4X configuration, stainless steel finish to protect against heat exposure, and customized mounting hardware, shelving, and plates to support the lighting equipment structure. Plus, EIC had to take into account the criticality of maintaining lower temperatures to optimize battery life for the equipment. 

EIC worked closely with the Go2Power team both remotely and in-person - to develop a customized Protector SeriesTM air-conditioned enclosure and ThermoTECTM 800 BTU air conditioner that would support the emergency lighting system and not only meet regulatory requirements but also extend operational times. 



EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioning system and customizable enclosure have been implemented and continue to support the emergency lighting system put in place by Go2Power.   

In a world where power interruptions can disrupt lives, property, and safety, EIC understands the need for customizable, reliable solutions that require low or no maintenance and can withstand even the harshest of conditions from Mother Nature.


" Our priority is ensuring our partners' projects are successfully implemented. With our Protector Custom Series, we're able to manipulate the structure to fit what is needed and we'll work closely with your team, like we did with Evenlite and Go2Power, to meet requirements and  and exceed requirements and expectations."

Josh Liegel, CEO, EIC Solutions 


EIC Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling systems and enclosures across industries, applications, and environments. 

We’d love to discuss your project needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions or to let us know how we can help you.